Things I have Learned in my 20s

I am in my late 20s and celebrating another year of life with little more wisdom. Things have changed so the priorities. Friends are getting married. However, they are on the contact list but not in contact. That Kal ho Na ho song never made more sense than how much it does now. In this journey, I have learned that people judge you for your weight, for being single, for your career decisions, and the list goes on. But I am sort okay with that. In the process, I have learned a lot about myself, people, and life.

A struggle is a Part of Life

There is no such thing as free lunch. We have so many desires but can’t get everything without paying its cost. Everyone face hardship in their life, you are not alone. Therefore, instead of complaining about difficulties, face it with a smile and a positive attitude. In the end, your attitude will make a difference.


Grades Can Give you a Job But Talent Will Make You Survive

Getting a secure job is not enough, Talent is what makes you survive in the corporate world. Trust me if you possess a talent then no one can stop you to reach the top. Having a degree can only help you in starting a career. However, talent can make you a  leader in the industry.


Marriage Can Wait But Your Dreams Can’t

In Indian society, age is the main criteria to do anything. Whether, completing graduation at the age of 20 or getting married at the age of 25. I wonder, what is the age to fulfil a dream?

Time to break these norms made by the society. Never sacrifice your dreams for anyone, because opportunities never knock on the door again. Marriage can wait but your dreams can’t. So, focus on your dream and the right person will eventually cross your path and will make your life meaningful.


It is Okay To Fail Sometimes

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Be calm during success and strong during failure. Nowadays, success is the criteria to judge human intelligence. However, failure teaches you more than success. In the end, it is up to you, how you take it.

Never Stop Learning because learning is a continuous process

Learning is a continuous process until your last breath. No matter if you are a leader or you have just started your career, never believe that you know everything. Because life has some different ways to tell you that there is more to learn and it will never end until you are alive.


Heartbreaks make you grow

Never feel shame or regret the heartbreaks. It plays a great role in your growth as a person. You need to be strong during this phase of life. And trust me it shall too pass like a season.

People left, Relationship Fades, Life Goes On

Life is beautiful so are relationships. However, they both are not promising. People will come into your life and will shower you with love and care. In the end, they will leave you when their chapter gets over in your life. In the end, life goes on, with or without them.


Don’t Love Your organisation, You Never Know When Your organisation Will Kick you Off

Being loyal to your organisation is a great quality. But guess what? When your organisation doesn’t feel your worth, they will kick you out. So, don’t wait for this to happen. Keep improving yourself. Always believe that whatever happens, happens for something good.

Never advertise your feelings, nobody cares how you feel

If you are happy, they feel jealous and if you are sad, they feel better. People don’t care about your pain. They will judge you anyway and will enjoy watching you struggle. In the end, be your own best friend and never share with anyone about your feelings.


Love your parents more than anything, because once they go, they never come back

Everything is temporary.  We are not here forever neither our parents. They may not say, but they love when you spoil them with surprises and attention. Make some time for them whenever possible. Your time and love are all they need.


No Expectation is a Myth, We All Expect Love and Respect in return

When you give love and respect to others, you say or not everyone expects the same love and respect in return. So, never take those genuine souls for granted who love you unconditionally.  Moreover, givers should set their limits, because takers rarely do.

Learning is a never-ending process. Learn as much as you can from life and distribute love as much as you have. Life is too short to hold pain and grudges. Let it all go!


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