The Magic of Being Alone

Do you know the difference between being lonely and being alone? According to me, being lonely is a curse, whereas being alone is something to be cherished.

People often confused between being lonely and being alone. You feel lonely when you give your happiness to someone else hands. Whereas being alone is something that you choose for yourself, by yourself, and it happens when you love your own company.

When I am alone, my thoughts whisper in my ears.

When I am alone, I can dance to the beat of my emotions.


Yes, I am alone.

I like to be alone.

I value of being alone.

It strengthens my inner self to deal with the nasty world.

Meeting friends, attending parties, is something I like to do but being alone is something I cherish because it gives me a freedom of being me.

No, it doesn’t make me Isolated. It allows me to cherish those moments that I can’t share with anyone else.  It allows me to grow each time.

In between those terrible nights and beautiful mornings I love talking to the sky and moon.

In my alone-ness, I like to dance to the rhythm of silence. I love to feel the smell of a new book. I like to visit the imaginary world with my glittering eyes. I want to feel the lyrics of the music that remind me of those fairy tales that I left behind.

Who says that alone-ness makes you isolated? Who says that being alone and being lonely is the same thing?  Who says that you cannot be your own healer? Who says you cannot fight with your demons?

If you want to live a peaceful and happy life, then learn to be your own hero. Go for the solo trip, dance on your own beat, Go on a walk alone and get lost in the city, laugh out loud at the battles no one knows about, Be yourself and cherish your alone-ness.


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