Tales of Emotions

My First Poetry Book – Tales of Emotions

The book is about tales of emotions experienced in human life. It voices from the journey of life and value of time to the promises that make love and relationship stronger. It honors the love that is not bound by age, circumstances, and status. It encourages youth never to give up and take life as a game of chess. On the one hand, it speaks of the beauty of friendship, love, memories, relationship goals, positive attitude, forgiveness, the power of women, dream of a lover and search of a soulmate. On the other hand, it narrates the ugliness of the society through the emotion of aborted girl child and rape victim. It voices the pain of the widow who never wants to say goodbye to her beloved and the pain of heartbreak and one-sided love.

The narrator urges her love to stay a little longer and wished to meet her lover at the younger age. Also, at the same time challenge her love to forget her if possible. Furthermore, It explains that everything happens for a reason and the beauty of power of letting go. It conveys feelings through the melody of poems that will touch the soul of people from all walks of life.

Available on:

Amazon.in – https://amzn.to/2q1Yr8j

Amazon.com – https://amzn.to/2q5zl8h

Flipkart – https://bit.ly/2OxyOuy


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