Is Working with a Startup a Good Idea?

Life appears like a dream during our childhood, but the moment we enter adulthood, life becomes more sensible, and dreams become complicated. Am I making any sense? Not sure? Okay. Let me explain it in detail. As a kid, we believe in the magic of life. We think that everything is easy to achieve like getting good grades in school, getting a favourite outfit with dad’s ATM card. But when we entered the corporate world the magic of life gets fade and we realize that life is not as easy as it seems.

Nowadays, if we talk about the corporate world and the job opportunities, the majority of youngsters are unemployed. Who doesn’t want to work with an established brand or organization? I think all of us. However, not everyone gets an equal opportunity to work in a bigger organization. Besides enough opportunities are available in startups, but do you think working for a startup is a good idea?

Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of working in a startup:

You get noticed and rewarded for your work

How quickly and smartly you achieve targets and fulfil responsibilities is a criterion for measuring the performance and progress of an individual. In a startup, you work with a small team; the work you handle and the role you carry directly contribute to the success of the organization. It can be easily recognized in a startup. However, it is not possible in a large organization.

You also get an opportunity to see how well you are contributing to the growth of a startup and as well as your growth as an individual at the professional level.

Get More Opportunities to Explore

In a corporate world, when you work in a large organization, your role and task are specified and rigid. You won’t get anything new to learn, which is somewhere stop your growth, and of course, affects your career prospects.

At a startup, you get wider opportunities to explore and to wear multiple hats. In a startup, there is never a shortage of work and responsibilities. And if you are from those who believe in continuously learning new things, then this kind of environment can give you an opportunity to flourish.

Less Salary

Hey, if you are a genius in your stream and accepted a job out of school from a unicorn, then you must deserve a pat on your back. But if it does not happen in your case then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to make the salary as your friends are making. It becomes difficult to fulfil your financial goals with such low pay.


As I said above that life is not a bed of roses. Everyone loves to talk about startup experience; the hustle, the passion that involves in building a startup. However, it is not always as attractive as it may seem from the outside.

A lot of hard work and dedication is needed if you are working in a startup. You need to wear a lot of hats in a startup. And while taking different roles and responsibilities outside of your title allows you to explore your talent in many other areas. However, it becomes normal for a person to work for 50 hours or more a week. Are you ready for such kind of commitment?

Final Thought

If you are thinking about joining a startup, then do consider these points before taking any final decision. However, there are only 25 per cent chances of keeping a job long-term and secure in a startup because if we consider the facts, then 75 per cent startups won’t be able to survive and fail.


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