Buying Guide for Tactical Backpacks


The tactical backpack is nothing more than a backpack made so that law enforcement teams, armies, or even athletes and adventurers can access their tactical equipment at any time and with ease. The point is that it is comfortable so that they can use all their tools and accessories without any inconvenience and can overcome the obstacles presented by the terrain and the situation faced.

They can even be used by emergency teams such as firefighters, ambulances, and paramedics to have all tactical equipment at hand at any time.


We have already mentioned some aspects of the configuration of a tactical backpack and how they vary in style depending on this. However, it is essential that you know how to recognize them according to the type of tactical backpack and thus know what they are best for and which one will suit you.


This type of backpack is very common in military and security applications, or even for backpackers or hikers, to carry assault packages and other specialized equipment. The issue is that they allow you to carry additional bags and accessories when connecting them on the outside of the backpack, which makes you able to carry everything.

This means that these are customizable backpacks, in which you can add compartments and space according to your needs and the type of equipment you have to carry with you.


They are those that can be carried on one shoulder and also have a fairly simple design, Comfortable and straight to the point. At the same time, they usually come with some pockets and compartments for small objects, in addition to being ambidextrous so that they can be used on the left or right shoulder without inconvenience.

The majority are made of nylon or some similar material based on nylon, only if it is for a tactical backpack, look for a mixture that supports the water well and can withstand outdoor use.


This type of backpack is designed to carry your laptop and other sensitive electronic equipment. That’s why they have good padding and are made with waterproof materials. In this way, you prevent the rain from wreaking havoc or condensation occurring.

Finally, they are very well protected to compensate for the extra weight and to protect the contents of the tactical backpack if it falls.


To buy a good tactical backpack, it is mandatory to make a thorough search thinking about what you really need, depending on the activity you do, be it army, emergency services, backpacker or adventurer. In doing so, you make sure that you will take a tactical backpack with good value for money that serves everything you need.


One of the most important things for every military tactical bag is zippers and safety locks. They are essential to ensure comfortable use of the backpack, since, if they are not of good quality, they will break, block or even damage and leave you pulling to open the compartments and pockets and access your equipment.

In addition to the zippers, if any of the buckles or closures fail, you will keep the backpack on the floor. And if you carry something delicate or that can be broken, you will be in very bad luck.


It is never really easy to know exactly the quality and durability of the parts, materials, and components of a backpack. However, you can rely a lot on the brand, since those with the best reputation tend to have it because they precisely use materials and components of good quality and durability that give excellent results.


It is important that the tactical backpack has a modular design, which is also known as MOLLE by its acronym in English. The issue is that it refers to a standard and modular design that works with any accessory, MOLLE tape, or external ball of other brands. Therefore, if you buy a MOLLE tactical backpack from one brand, the accessories and external bags of other brands will also work well for you.

In this way, you will end up with a backpack with many MOLLE packages in the exact configuration you need to carry all your equipment.


Each tactical backpack has some suspension system to transfer the weight from the shoulders to the hips. In other of them, there are only super comfortable and padded straps that, although they are super comfortable, do not help you too much with the issue of weight distribution.


Easily access the contents of your tactical package is one of the main premises of any tactical backpack. Therefore, evaluate the opening system from which you intend to buy, if the compartments are well separated from each other and if they have zippers or if suddenly the backpack is opened in two as if it were a clam.

Similarly, those that open above can only be uncomfortable because they make it difficult to access what is in the background.


Many people care about the place where backpacks are made. Some think that being from China they are of poor quality, but that being from the USA or Europe they are already automatically of very good quality. This has no real importance, so one in China can be much better than one in the United States. The important thing is not to buy cheap materials of poor quality.


The tactical backpack tends to look directly like a purely military backpack. Therefore, if you are going to use it to take you on the street like a common civilian, the ideal is that you look for a black and more urban since many are camouflage.

For the rest, people will constantly ask you if you have served in the army.


It is essential material to guarantee you a quality and durable tactical backpack, especially if you are going to be under adverse weather conditions. One that supports water, dust, and even snow well maybe more than necessary in many scenarios.


The capacity you need will depend solely on what you plan to carry inside your travel backpack if you need to carry sheets and so on, think as big as possible, but if you only carry a few things and tools, a smaller model will fit you better, and you will go with more comfort.


To carry your backpack on long walks or long journeys, we recommend models with shoulder, back, and waist straps. Otherwise, if you need something lighter and you can turn to access quickly, better go for a tactical arm backpack.


The weight that the backpack carries is a fundamental consideration to know if it can support the loads you need to carry. That said, do not overdo it and try to carry too much, since the maximum recommended load will always be 20% of your body weight. There you can get your accounts.


If the main use of your pack will be hiking or adventure walks, a model with hydration bags will suit you. You will appreciate it when the sun rises and you feel that itchy throat.

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