Are You in a Perfect Relationship

In the era of 21st century, if you are looking for the perfect relationship then you may get disappointed. When people think of the perfect relationship, they think of all the good outcomes. They think of all the things they watch in movies but often forget to look at what actually takes to make a relationship perfect. Nowadays, texting, calling, facebook updates or snapchat is a new definition of love but in the real world, it is known as an immature relationship. People having a mature relationship can tell you that what it takes to make a relationship perfect. There are many that have been heartbroken, failed, struggled before making their relationship perfect.  A mature relationship takes patience, dedication and persistence.

What does it take to make a relationship work?


Let go of your EGO

 Many say that ego is the root cause of failure of any relationship and I truly believe in this philosophy. So, if you want to succeed in life and want to build a perfect relationship then let go of your ego.

Listen more, assume less

In any relationship, being a good listener is very important. Both the genders need to understand that assumptions kill the relationship. Sometimes we need our partner to listen to us more patiently and understand us instead of judging us.

Avoid texting and social media

Social media is the root cause of misunderstandings and broken relationship. We often get misquote or misunderstood, therefore, avoid texting as much as possible especially when you want to express your feelings or viewpoint. Do not advertise your relationship on the social media.

Make common goals and achieve them together

As much you give priority to your goals, make your partner goals a priority as well and achieve them together. Learn to motivate and uplift each other and this way you will never feel left out and will also get more chance to understand each other.

Never let jealousy take over your faith

We often get insecure and possessive in the relationship. We need to understand that love is not about possession it is about freedom. Have faith in your relationship and never let jealousy overpower your relationship.

Count memories not mistakes

We are humans and we often do mistakes. Ignoring each other mistakes is a sign of maturity. Instead of counting each other mistakes, start counting the memories you have made together.

Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is a healing art. Never hold grudges for the one you love the most. If the person matters to you then forgive him/her and save the relationship.  More often a relationship dies because of ego. No one is perfect. We all have some flaws. Learn to forgive and accept them with their flaws and help each other to become a better human.

Love is not about finding someone perfect. It is about creating a perfect relationship. Life is too short to hold grudges. Let’s help each other in becoming a better person and add flavour to the relationship.


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