6 Best Reasons Why You Should Focus on One Thing at a Time

If we do too many things at once, we become less focused and also it affects the productivity and the quality of the work. Being a multitasked is not a bad idea, but if you can’t focus on one thing at a time, is when you will lose the entire game. A wise man once said that excess of anything is injurious to the health of the person and the business. In the past years, what I have learned is that it doesn’t matter, how many hours you work in a day because in the end what matter is the “Result.”

If you do too many things at once then how will you give the best and quality result? Being focused and completing the one task at the given time is a mantra of being successful in both personal and professional life. A few time back I read a book, ‘Ego is the enemy’ by Ryan Holiday. According to which the reason for failure is your ego. If you are trying to achieve everything at once, then it doesn’t mean that you are ambitious, rather it means you are egoistic. You are doing it because you are taking everyone as your competitor. In the end, you messed up with everything, when you won’t be able to achieve a single goal. Therefore, rather than competing with people, better you should focus on your performance rather than the result. Keep moving forward with patience and dedication is all you need to win in life and in business.

Check Out the Reasons Why You Should Focus on One Thing at a Time

Multitasking Vs Single Tasking

Multitasking slows down your work and makes you less focused on one thing at a time. If you are working on a laptop while watching television, you get distracted from your work and ultimately, you will take a longer time to complete the task. Multitasking also affects the memory. In the multitasking, you hardly remember the details of the work you have done.

The opposite of multitasking is single-tasking which the better option to get a productive result is. If you do a single task at a time, you don’t need to compromise your time, energy, and attention, which result in the 100% accuracy and quality work. Single-tasking will also help you to remember every detail of the work you have done.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

“Jack of all trades, master of none,” is a famous phrase which refers to a person who has learned many things but not an expert in any. For instance, a person says that he is a blogger, financial advisor, and a player. How will you recognize his expertise? It shows that even a person doesn’t know that what he wants to do in his life. So, instead of learning too many things, better focus on one thing and master it. If you are best in writing then become a best blogger and if you are good with numbers then focus on becoming a mathematician or a banker. In short, do what you are good at and this way nothing can stop you to become M.S. Dhoni in your field.

One Goal at a Time

Successful people never take their work as a burden. They love their work and devote their whole energy, time, and attention in bringing out the perfect result. The mantra they follow to bring perfection to their work is a concentration at one task at a time. To get a success in your life, you must follow this mantra. Switch to another task only after completing the task one.

Fear of Losing a Game

Success never comes without a risk. The anxiety and fear of achieving a goal are natural. But as I said, before that nothing is good in excess, whether it is a medicine or fear. If you try to achieve more then one goal at a time, then the level of fear and anxiety will also increase. The increase in the level of anxiety will make you nervous and the result; it will affect your performance. In the end, you won’t be able to achieve your desired goal. So, if you choose one goal at a time, then the level of fear and anxiety will also be in a limited amount and you will be able to give your best shot.

Deep Thinking Plays a Great Role

Meditation or deep thinking is a very good activity to stay focused and reliable. Meditation helps you to concentrate on the goal and strengthen your mind to create the ideas and strategy in achieving it. But it only works if you have a one goal at a time. While, doing meditation or deep think, a person forgets about the world and the rest of the problems for a while. He is able to focus on the one thing with the help of meditation. But if you have too many goals and you are thinking about all of them at once then your mind get distracted and you fail to do meditation.

Write Down Your Goal and Organize Accordingly

Your mind is the creator of thoughts and ideas, not a dustbin to hold them. Every time, when an idea crosses your mind, write down it and organize it in a manner in which you can achieve that goal. If you think and try to accomplish too many goals at one time, then your mind gets confused and will stop giving you the innovative ideas. So, write down your goals according to the priority and start working on them accordingly in an organized manner.

Bottom Line

Life is too short to get another chance to fulfill your dreams and goals. Chase your dreams, work in an organized manner, give your 100% attention, energy, and time to your work to get a quality result. Nothing is impossible in this world and to make it possible you have to be a smart player in the battle of life. Be an inspiration in the world of competition.

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